Monday, January 13, 2014

New Music- Armond feat Sean C Johnson & Barbara Fant - "Frostbit" b/w "He's Against Me"
8:00 AM

New Music- Armond feat Sean C Johnson & Barbara Fant - "Frostbit" b/w "He's Against Me"

2014 will be an amazing year.  This time will be spent further delving into Kairos; for some it will be an introduction.  For some it will be an exposition.  I plan on feeding you guys with old & new; some food you may have thought was stale still has a lot of shelf life, & there's also some new stuff heating up in the stove (sorry I'm hungry).  Without further adieu, here's the 3rd single from Kairos, Frostbit.

"Frostbit" is the 3rd single from "Kairos", it features Sean C. Johnson & Barbara Fant.  Kairos is available at

The B-Side is "He's Against Me".  

Hit the jump for devotionals for both songs:

"Frostbit" Scripture: 2 Chronicles 2:17 - You will not have to fight this battle. Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you, Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Go out to face them tomorrow, and the Lord will be with you.’”

 So my man Jehoshaphat was running his Kingdom, handling business, etc. when he received word that a large army was coming to attack him.  Naturally, he was scared.  I mean, who LIKES war?  Back in my wanna be thuggish ruggish bone OG gangsta click days, all the people who could handle themselves avoided conflict at all costs.  They stayed out of the way of others as much as possible & only engaged when absolutely necessary.  The loud mouth types were the ones who felt they had to prove themselves.  And they usually failed at that...often.  So, receiving word of imminent conflict would obviously rattle the average person, and Jehoshaphat was obviously rattled.

He immediately went into prayer, & even called for the whole town to fast & seek God.  In prayer, he reminded God of the promises He had made, & even admitted that "We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you."

Let me fast forward a bit & bring this story to a close.  Basically during the fast, God caused Jahaziel to prophesy & tell the people of the city the plans of the approaching army, as well as providing strategy to position themselves & telling them that they would be victorious & that the Lord would be with them.  The next day they did as the prophet said, & they ended up defeating the army & as a bonus, took all of the army's goods; so much that they made 3 trips & still weren't able to take everything with them.

NOW...God told the prophet to tell Jehoshaphat & his people to "stand firm".  When you think of firm, you think to not move, right?  If I firmly place a stick in the ground, it's not gonna move.  BUT, If you look up the definition of "firm", it is defined as a action.  It DOES move.

We so often hear the term being "on fire" for God.  To be on fire would indicate that something is moving.  Whenever you see somebody on fire, they're panicking.  They're running all over the place.  When you see somebody cold, they're standing still; they don't move, icicles are forming on their face (even though they say when you're cold, keep moving to stay warm).

"Frostbit" is an anthem that encourages us to stand firm in God.  When things are going crazy, stand in God.  Stand in God so much that you would appear to be still, unmovable, unshakable, & frozen.  However, if you're standing in God, it's IMPOSSIBLE to not move.  We want operate in the manner in which God has graced us to.  Find your strength in Him...

"He's Against Me" Scripture: Jeremiah 1:5 - Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart;
I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.

 We hear this scripture a LOT.  We also hear that God chose us, we did not choose Him.  The closer we get to God, & the more He reveals Himself to us, & we begin to see the nature of ourselves.  How sinful we are.  How dirty we are.  & we struggle with the idea of God choosing us, despite us being in this state.  Our culture defines Christians (often out of insecurity from both sides) as "perfect".  The idea of imperfect people serving & being used by a perfect God is foreign; to unbelievers AND believers.  We believe we have to reach a certain plateau of righteousness before God can define us as usable.  That mentality proves itself to be more harmful than helpful.  We must come to a point of total dependency on God.  We can't even wake ourselves up in the morning without God.  We can't pray, we can't worship, we can't do anything without the grace of God breathing on us & enabling us first.  The concept of "working out our salvation" is not predicated on works (by definition) at all, rather grace through faith in Jesus.  A faith that you yourself cannot generate at all.  A faith that has to come from God Himself.  & that will be our battle until we die.  Although the enemy plays a part, we are ultimately our own worst enemy.  He's against me.