Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kairos Interviews
10:21 AM

Kairos Interviews

Here is a hub for all interviews/podcasts/media outlets that feature me & cover Kairos.

June 26, 2013 - "The What In The Ham Sandwich Show" Episode 233 - What The Heck Is Kairos?
Armond swings by to discuss his plan for world domination! Actually, it a six step plan based on his upcoming album, Kairos. We also talk about the NSA following our tweets....literally!
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Currently Residing in Ohio we were blessed by Armond Wake Up. Rapping since the age of 7 years old find out when he really got serious about mic ripping. Also he was faced with College or the Military and being moved away from his family. He was searching for more in life and God was able to deliver him from himself. He got that new album that just came out entitled "Kairos" and hear what he believes about Christian Rapper vs rapper that's Christian debate. The topic of the day spiraled from his album cover Kairos. What is Kairos??? When and Where Can Kairos happen???