Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So I Met Havilland Savage...
8:04 PM

So I Met Havilland Savage...

You'll never guess who I ran into today...

Havilland Savage.

OK, lemme not disrespect. I'm positive professionals hate it when they're typecasted. Dustin Diamond had to act a fool for 2 years on random VH1 shows, film a porno & still couldn't get away from "Screech". Despite James Avery being the voice for Shredder on the Ninja Turtles cartoon, people always refer to him as "Uncle Phil".

So I met Chenoa Maxwell. The actress who played Havilland Savage in the cult classic Hav Plenty.

The same Havilland Savage I'm basing my next mixtape off of. Crazy right? OK, here's the story:

While deciding what movie I would base the mixtape off of, I scoured google for minutes on end; trying to find little tidbits of characters, random facts about the movies I had narrowed it down to. So I google "Chenoa Maxwell".

I learned that she has a website & that she's become a photographer. Great. I also see she has a twitter. Greeeeat.

I'm a twitter nerd. I'm on there all day err day talking about absolutely nothing networking. And I've met some incredible people because of it. Whodathunk it?!?!

So I think to myself "it'd be dope if the inspiration for my music, could see & hear how she inspired me". So on a whim, I followed her. Her twitter is private so I had to wait a few days for her to accept my request. I lightweight forgot about it.

Then out of nowhere, she's on my timeline...and she's greeting new followers.

So I hit her up...and she says

Oh!!!! She's inquiring about the cover my mans & em Ian Young did for The Havilland Savage Theory. So I explain the concept & she says

Oh!!! She's interested??? In hearing the mixtape??? Word???? SO I give her the bandcamp & the release date & she says

It was a WRAP!!!! You couldn't tell me NOTHIN SON!!!!! It's like when your child draws you something that they KNOW if for YOU and you ALONE...soon as they see you it's "daddy look!!!!"

That's how I felt. The woman who played the role that is currently giving me inspiration beyond belief wants to see the picture I'm painting. So if she's on board...

Why aren't you???

UPDATE 9/30/14

Didn't think I'd be updating this, AT ALL.

So I woke up to Havilland randomly posting the cover on her instagram

She obviously hadn't heard the tape was my 1st thought.  Which was cool.  People are busy.  I would also be weirded out if someone used my face as their mixtape cover. So I mean, I get it. 
So in true rapper fashion, I flashed the bat signal to my wonderful supporters

And as you can see, she responded.  But you guys absolutely responded in her IG comments...

Which finally led to this

The circumstances behind this are obviously super duper weird, but either way...I hope she checks it out & I'll keep you all updated.