Thursday, September 30, 2010

Armond, L-Win & Flex- Come Back pt 2 (The Road Trip)
8:40 PM

Armond, L-Win & Flex- Come Back pt 2 (The Road Trip)

Come Back pt 2: The Road Trip)Come Back pt 2: The Road Trip

<a href="">Come Back pt 2: The Road Trip feat L-Win &amp; Flex by Armond</a>

I'm SUPER late putting this up, sorry. Before I started doing music fo da Lawd, some of you guys may have known me as epideMIC. L-Win & Flex were MCs I frequently collaborated with during that time. We even did an ENTIRE mixtape together called "When Worlds Collide" (if anybody has that joint, PLEASE let me know). This was before collaborating on the internet was the thing to do. We used to get called "netcees" all day. The mixtape was literally created from start to finish using emails, Acid 2.0, & MSN Messenger. Emailing verses, spitting rhymes over audio chat, the whole nine...from three different states. L-Win was living in Chicago at the time, Flex resides in Toronto & I was living in Colorado. This was in 2002. Eight years later, L-Win's album "The Transition" has been nominated for Album of the Year @ the Madison Hip-Hop Awards, Flex is preparing an album with Slakah The Beatchild, who produced a large portion of Drake's earlier mixtapes "Room For Improvement" & "Comeback Season" & I'm doing what I do (cliche rapper response huh)

So we kicked it like old times, chopped it up, I had the beat & concept & as usual everybody went off. And the song was picked up by the9elements for their upcoming compilation "Suggested Listening" which should be out soon.

The concept for the record is a continuation of one of the earlier records we did in 2002 called "Come Back", where eventually you have to leave the comfort of what you know for the uncertainty that comes with chasing your dreams. Enjoy...