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Dreaming Out Loud Review by
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Dreaming Out Loud Review by

Dreaming Out Loud review by

Four out of Five stars

Dreaming Out Loud is Armond’s 5th project, and it was birthed in the midst of restoration of his life. This is an album that literally sets out to put the contents of his heart on wax, but also holds it all together with the wisdom of Christ in the midst. Check out the track by track review.

Dreaming Out Loud feat. Cos- The album starts off with a real smooth vibe, and the best way to describe this track and the album in fact is that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks(Luke 6:45). I’ve always liked these types of albums it’s so real and one of the hallmarks of hip hop is that you can lay out so many thoughts over a 4 minute track and Armond proceeds to do this throughout the album.

Put In Work- A simple song describing how dedicated Armond is to spreading the truth of Jesus. The beat for this track is actually on a mainstream secular track, it’s still a cool track.

Close Your Eyes- This album is all about knowing the principles of faith, and this is one of the songs that convey this point very well. Speaks candidly about the hypocrisy of others as well as how he himself can end up doing the same as well. Speaks about what we see versus what we don’t see and how we need to not be moved by what we see. Rhymes spoken over a piano sample makes this one of the best on this album!

Rearview/Dashboard- As the track title would suggest, Armond speaks of his past as he sees it in the rear, yet seeks to look forward and live right now for the Lord. As the track name is separated, there are two parts of the track with two different beats. So far I’m feeling the simplicity yet also the creative way things are expressed and arranged.

Glow In The Dark- On this track Armond raps over a beat from the group N.E.R.D. and I was surprised that he would use a mainstream track when he could have just had an original production on it. The track name speaks for itself, in that Armond is speaking about shining the Light of God wherever there is darkness. Where there is lack of reverence for God and love for people, it angers him as it should any of us and keeps us passionate about showing Christ to all. The whole album just has that real lyrical feel to it, which I love!

Child Of God- Another well produced track on here, and the part of the song that really stood out to me was when Armond began speaking about how there are people who see how the people who claim Christ behave and they project that as being the character of God. It hits me because there are many who doubt God because of the wounds they have suffered and the unbelievers distract themselves with the excuses that because some of the people don’t live the truth out that they don’t have to either. Check these lines out: “Killing Christians with doubt/like religion,traditions, asking God to move on our behalf when we restrict Him/Denominations they separate as far as the sky/one body many minds a bunch of harlots/Ahab’s passive/Jezebel destroyin’ not depending on each other”. In such a poignant way, Armond has painted the picture of the frustrations of living in a community of imperfect people striving to serve a perfect God. The part where he says Ahab passive really caught my ear because when you read in the Bible about Ahab and his wife Jezebel, Ahab is in fact a very passive individual. The way Armond was able to place that in these lyrics and have it flow is the type of flow you encounter throughout this project.

Keep Going Through Hell- Another bangin’ beat here, as Armond encourages himself and others to keep going even when going through the craziest of situations. I point out again how Armond speaks his heart while speaking to others in encouragement as well, and it comes across so effortlessly.

Rocking With The Best feat. Rich Tunes- This was one of my favorite tracks on this album, and Armond really goes hard with it! The only thing about the beat is the way the sample comes back to the beginning in such a rush, and I know it may have been hard to cut the sample in the best way, but that’s a little thing I was able to get over.

The Highest- I really like the beat for this track, and its Armond just speaking of the love he has for his wife.

Life(spoken word performed by Quote)- This track comes in as a connection from the one before it, and is a spoken word piece. Wasn’t feeling the mix on the vocals, but he spoke about how life even when not perfect is guided by God.

Dreaming pt. 2- I guess you could call this the second part of the intro track, because even though it’s a different track, it still has that smooth vibe I mentioned about the first track. I like the singing in the background, and the rhymes are pretty much on point speaking about the vanities of chasing after temporary pleasures that don’t last, such as money, etc.

Blood of God- Nothing like dwelling on what the blood of Jesus has done for us, and this song does it in such an elegant and tasteful way. With the simple piano licks and bass lines with the hits of the snare, they provide a template for Armond to expound on his thankfulness for what God has done in shedding His blood for our sins.

Heaven On Earth- Armond opens his heart and speaks about his children on another smooth track. Really touching on how he also speaks on the ways how they teach him and how the Lord was able to have his son live despite the doctor’s prognosis.

Forgive Me- The way Armond bears his all in exposing his shortcomings will be able to touch many people and the type of beat supplied for this confession is pretty much perfect. Very good track.

Scared Of Me- This is another track that uses a mainstream secular beat, rhymes are pretty good though.

As I listened to the album, I just really enjoyed the lyricism present throughout as well as how open Armond is with his heart. He chose beats that really fit him; the only thing I would have wanted to be better was the use of all original beats instead of using mainstream beats for some tracks. Overall a great offering and something I know many will be able to enjoy!

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The review was right on for the most part. But I would've given it 5 stars. :)