Friday, July 23, 2010

Chevy Impala Music
8:48 AM

Chevy Impala Music

<a href="">Chevy Impala Music (Maybach Music 3 Freestyle) by Armond</a>

Cool story bro: So in April I got in a really bad car accident. My insurance wouldn't cover the damages (estimated at $3,000). So I was driving around with my front end smashed in. Literally a few days before the accident my oil light came on & my front headlight went out. I ignored it & now I'm REALLY looking bad with a smashed in hood, one headlight & a raggedy running car cuz I hadn't had an oil change in so long.

I had a show last week at a church for an event (it was more like an audition for an even bigger show. do the smaller show & if they like you, they invite you to do the bigger show) & while en route, I'm sitting at a red light. This couple flags me down & gets my attention. "Hey homes, your front end is messed up (yes he was mexican, no he didn't say hey homes...let me tell the story. HA!) I can fix that for you right now for $200". I'm like huh?? The Scooby Doo "arrruuuu??" However it sounds. ANYWAY, we pull over & I'm apprehensive because I have absolutely no clue who this guy is. So I got that thang cocked on the side just in case (pause & I'm JOKING!!!) but I am a little weary. Come to find out dude is a mechanic & works independently for different shops across the city & decided to #1 make a quick buck & #2 be a upstanding citizen...while making a quick buck. He & his wife (who knew just as much, if not more about cars than he did) fixed my car in 15 minutes & I talked him down to $140.

I got a deal for 1/8 of what I would've paid for the car if I had went through a body shop. SMH. Praise God to celebrate, here is Chevy Impala Music.