Friday, July 23, 2010

Dreaming Out Loud...6 Months Later
1:45 PM

Dreaming Out Loud...6 Months Later

February 9th, 2010. I remember while writing for this album I had NO clue the impact (or whatever you wanna call it) this album would have. I had no clue what God was gonna do with it. All I know was after three long years, I felt a tug to finally finish the job & put it out (pause).

When I listen to the album, I'm taken back to that time. It was cold in Ohio, I had just started a new job, a new life essentially. I was living with family at the time in a cramped townhouse, so to get away I would drive around the city & just reflect. Doing that is honestly how I fell in love with Columbus. Seeing things I'd never seen before, getting lost & making three right turns & ending up 2 seconds from the house. And out of nowhere songs would hit me. Full blown songs.

I remember writing "Close Your Eyes" in a high school parking lot.

I remember almost crashing because I wrote "Rearview" on one of the busiest streets in the city.

I remember writing "Forgive Me" in 20 minutes because I was late for my last studio session to finish the album & I knew Dreaming Out Loud was missing one song. Yes, "Forgive Me" was a rushed record (which is funny because it's a favorite among a lot of you.

I remember writing "Blood Of God" & being more upset with God than I had ever been. Yet, the only thing out of my pen was worship.

I remember calling Pizzie & screaming in his ear when he first sent me the beat for "Dreaming pt 2". I didn't even wanna write to it because the beat was so incredible.

I remember the first time I let the label hear "Scared Of Me" while en route to hear Rebecca Brown speak & the whole car being totally silent after it ended. I remember getting chills as I wrote it. I remember crying twice while I wrote it. It was like birth pains, pains that had to pass through the body in order to get out.

I remember writing "The Highest" in a grocery store parking lot after I saw a beautiful woman walk out the store. After I had been grumbling to myself (and being bitter) & blaming every woman in the world for how things ended with my ex. And God checked me clear as day & said "how dare you".

As you can see there are a zillion stories I could tell for this album & that's what I'm about to do. Starting Sunday July 25th & culminating August 8th, I will re-launch my Dream Interpretations vlog on My YouTube Page & hear all the hilarity, bufoonery, boobery...and yes, testimonies that I went through while creating Dreaming Out Loud.

In addition to the vlogs, I have some songs that I'll also be releasing.

FINALLY...August 9th, I will switch Dreaming Out Loud to "name your price" for 24 hours. You can get the album for however much you want THAT DAY ONLY!!!! From 12am August 9th to 12am August 10th. August 10th is also the two year anniversary of my fufillment to the Air Force & Uncle Sam, so I'll definitely be poppin bottles (of sweet tea).

So yes, this is a thank you to everybody thats supported me. If you already have a copy, buy another & give it to a friend. If money's been tight & you haven't been able to grab a copy, you can do so that day. Thank me Aubrey.