Friday, September 26, 2008

11:07 PM


as promised here's a few joints i wanna turn errbody onto...hopefully they'll hold you down until i dust the cobwebs off my studio...

i'm very stressed, i haven't had one of those days where i just zone with my ipod in a LOOOOONG time. so tonight i'm doing just that. downloading, listening to stuff on imeem with an open mind. ANYWAY, no pity parties for Armond, here goes the music.

Lavoisier- I Get Money (That Ain't Enough)

this without a doubt is the HARDEST Christian hip-hop record...this dude spits a LOT of truth. i always wanted to flip the money concept, but he did it so well, honestly what else could i say??? plus, it's impossible to front on this beat, i don't care who you are

Charles Hamilton- Runaway Groom

i'm on the fence about this dude. i dig his creativity, but sometimes he comes across as "hey look at me, i'm different!!" i do respect that he speaks his mind without fear. footsteps in the dark always takes me somewhere mentally, i really haven't paid attention to his lyrics

Foreign Exchange feat Muhsinah- Daykeeper

LOVE this record!!! if you remember about 2-3 years ago, i tried to tell everybody i knew about Foreign Exchange's album "Connected". i had the bootleg & threw it away during my purge, one of these days i'll cop it again. that CD got me through a day & a half plane ride from Japan to Louisiana *shudders* *laughs* ANYWAY, they're dropping a new CD sometime soon, no clue when exactly. but yeah...get that

Lecrae feat Cam & Dwayne Tryumf- Don't Waste Your Life

this right heeeeeeeeeeeere....WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!! One of the craziest songs of the year, bar none...i'm not real big on Lecrae, only thing he did that caught my ear was "Praying For You", his 1st CD was one of, if not the 1st holy hip-hop CD i got

Mary Mary- Get Up

i could only find the video...but yeah, i dig this...Mary Mary always has a dope 1st single

N.E.R.D.- Happy

it's hard to pick just one track off Seeing Sounds, and although Sooner or Later is classic, i wanted to highlight a track nobody really talks about. Love Bomb is dope too...matter fact

N.E.R.D.- Love Bomb

why not????

OneRepublic- All I Need

if they make a movie about my life, play this as the credits roll...cop their album, Apologize is actually one of their weaker songs

that's it for now...i don't have all the time in the world to dig for new music like i used to. if you find something you think i'd dig, email me...