Monday, September 22, 2008

One Month Later...
10:18 PM

One Month Later...

again, apologies for not updating the blog. again, i've been busy. if you needed me that bad, you would've emailed me, or joined me on Twitter, cuz I'm on there all day (from the Blackberry)...and this trend is gonna continue for a while & I'll explain why...later

so it's officially been one month since i exited the military. i think i expressed the fact i wanted to test my faith & build it up by basically throwing myself out to the wolves & letting God provide for me instead of Uncle Sam. like i said a few blogs down, the military takes really good care of it's people (especially the Air Force), to the point where you allow yourself to get trapped in a position financially where you need that guaranteed check on the 1st & 15th. but because i was unhappy, and happiness is more important than finances, i stepped out & asked God to have His way.

without going into much detail, i have a great job. i'm happier, and i'm in a position to further myself spiritually, marriage wise & musically. i went from a dead end job (yes there are dead end positions in the military) to actually being preferred over people that have degrees AND experience because of my past. yeah they say that, and yeah they think that. but it's all God. all the way, nothing but Him. and i love it. if you're doing something & you're not happy, have faith & step out into something you're interested in. i unkowingly spoke my job into existence...

-work downtown=check
-business attire=check (shut up, all my jobs have been labor, i wanna look good)
-help people=check
-own cubicle=check

speaking of music (love how i moved into that right??), yeah...i've been on a hiatus. i went on a dry spell for beats, God was kinda giving me the side-eye when I'd get secualr beats so I fell back from them for the most part. plus my producers kinda went MIA for a second. Doc that did a LOT of my material (Waiting For You, Rather See Her Smile, etc) just popped back up (pause) & he hit the ground running. he's got 2 joints with Lloyd Banks. yes G-Unit Lloyd Banks. i know that's not the biggest deal to the Christian world, but since he's my FRIEND first & foremost, I'm beyond excited for him. one of the songs hasn't leaked (publically), but here's the other, "Without You". (does contain some explicit language, listen with caution)

Banks - Without You - Thisis50

as far as my own music goes, yup...hiatus. cuz of the beats & where God has me, i haven't been inspired at all. i still plan on releasing something by the end of the year, and i'm still being tight lipped about it, cuz it's gonna be huge. and i expect to make some big things happen. expect random updates as i get the bug back. once i get my studio set back up, i'll quench your thirst with some new stuff.

oh yeah, if you didn't know, they played my music on the radio in Columbus, GA about 2 weeks ago (shout to Ricky Gentile). shouts to Boots & the whole Born Again Beats ministry. i missed it (kinda). i was en route to church (in Toledo, OH) so my sister had it playing online while i was on the phone. they played "Spazz" right before we walked in. my nephews were crazy excited, i was too. i'm waiting on my 5 heartbeats moment though

start @ 4:50

finally, on another note, my partner in rhyme Ca$h was recently deployed to support the "war on terror". i ask you all to pray for him, his spirit, his family, everyone around him & for his return home. he'll be home soon, and when he does come home, game over...

i was gonna do a playlist, but i'm tired & imeem has nothing i wanna gimmie a minute