Monday, May 26, 2014

This Is Kairos: Revisited
12:14 PM

This Is Kairos: Revisited

One year to the day, I had some of my favorite writers revisit the album from different perspectives.

From Music To Movement by Vida Michelle
Vida writes about how she's seen the impact of Kairos locally

An Afternoon with Kairos by Jim Clifford
Jim reviewed the album last year & revisits the album, does it hold up?

Kairos Revisited by Kellus Hill
Kellus was one of the people I constantly bugged about the album.  His friendship was instrumental in Kairos expanding from an album to a lifestyle

How Armond Conquered His Need For Affirmation by David Daniels (Wade-O Radio)
The backstory of Kairos before Kairos...sort of an Armond 101