Monday, May 12, 2014

*New Mixtape* Praise Break
10:12 AM

*New Mixtape* Praise Break

Album is no longer available as of May 23rd. You sleep, you weep.

Download Here...album unavailable for stream

  1. Lord Knows II
  2. Even If I Lose
  3. Judgment Day
  4. Thank Jesus featuring Taelor Gray

Because of your support, we here at This Is Kairos have decided to give back to you.

I took some Alchemist instrumentals from a gospel themed project he released & put some rappity raps to them.

This is to prepare you for Kairos Week, which takes place from May 19-23. So if your response is "this is too short" me, there are multiple courses to this meal.

If you don't know what Kairos Week is, stay tuned to my instagram (@armondwakeup) every day next week starting on May 12th

Speaking of May 23rd, that's the last day this project will be available. If you don't download the project by then, it's gone forever.

Also you'll notice there is no streaming available. Download it. It is a collectors item.

Lyrically, this project is more praise centered, as I am coming into a deeper knowledge, understanding & revelation of the Lord & I'm enjoying it. & I wanna share my joy with you all.