Saturday, November 19, 2011

Amped Sounds Magazine - Condiments Review
11:55 AM

Amped Sounds Magazine - Condiments Review

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Get ready to nod your head and expand your way of thinking as Armond, a.k.a. the Columbus Kid (that’s now your official nickname courtesy of Amped Sounds ha-ha) dreams out loud for your listening pleasure. His latest EP “Condiments” is an assortment of flavorful tracks slated for different projects that will be released in the future. Though the songs vary in content, the ultimate desire to get whiplash from banging your head to these seasoned turntable treats will easily get you through the transitions.

Armond quickly sets the tone of the EP; commanding your complete attention from the start as he empties his soul on the Doc produced “Questions & Answers”. Armond describes his rough journey in search of salvation by stating:
Don’t mind me yall, I’m seeking God/ Devil getting time and a half slaving at Steve Jobs/ Eve ate the apple pastor blasting from my iPod/Netflix the Mac, ask myself am I wrong?/Am I off? Am I getting brash?/Running a race to find that nice guys finish last/Wear my heart on my sleeve, nothing inside/Medium Tee skinny jeans got nothing to hide

And that’s just the first eight bars. He depicts the world around him as only he can; speaking for those imprisoned by their own demons and giving other listeners solace to ponder their own avenue to salvation. Armond enlists the assistance of fellow emcees Dre Murray, TK, Japhia Life and DJ O-Sharp on the classic posse cut in the making, “Camp Anawanna”. Rocking to the Love Unlimited Orchestra’s “I Did It For Love”, these thoroughbred emcees lambaste a multitude of topics from the tragedies experienced in poverty to the disparity of the social divisions that plague our society. The EP only boasts six tracks; however this pretentiously humble opus exhibits raw talent that is greater than 90% of full length features that are presently being released.

“Condiments” could probably be best described as an EP to make your mouth water while awaiting another full length offering from this prominent Mid-West emcee. It is said that the truth shall set you free and I can assure you that the Columbus Kid is definitely The Truth. Open your ears and your mind and let the truth of his veracious flows free you as it just freed me.