Sunday, November 2, 2008

Not About Me
11:19 PM

Not About Me

God is so amazing!!!! Let me just start off by saying that before I go into anything...

I had all intents & purposes on blogging about my birthday weekend, how God showed out (wrong grammar, I know) and did a whole lot for me. How God managed to show me patience, love, faith, favor, repentance, conviction, and joy all in a 3 day span...

But it aint about me...

Its not about Armond the name, the person, the rapper, none of that...

Everything that happens is just more reason to acknowledge, honor & praise Jesus Christ.

The above picture is from earlier tonight. I went to a play @ my sister's church entitled "The Master's Welcome". The play was about a guy that dies & goes to hell, his friend picks him up to hang out & witness to him & as he's rejecting Christ, they get in a car accident & die. His friend goes to heaven, but the main character isn't so fortunate. He's tormented by demons, he's introduced to other people in hell like Judas, Goliath, Hitler, John Lennon, gangs, a religious woman that did more tearing down than building up & a "good girl" (to show that good deeds don't get you to heaven). Ultimately the main character is introduced to Satan & dropped into the fiery pits of hell.

Some story huh??

Although I've been saved for nearly 4 years, I needed to see this to put my own walk in perspective. A lot of times our mind downplays the severity of sin & its consequences. Because we're so wrapped up in our own lives, we forget how many people are still lost & still need Jesus.

As I'm writing this, I feel an overwhelming conviction & its causing me to stay awake, read my word & just think.

I think about all the people out in the world & just feel overwhelming grief, cuz I don't want anybody to die & to end up in hell...ANYBODY.

Rappers, athletes, public figures all over...we just don't have an complete feel for the things of God. Satan's assignment on this world is getting stronger by the day. And I get so upset when I see how so many of us knowingly & unknowingly allow ourselves to be used by him.

But praise God for showing up tonight & throughout the weekend, since the play started on Friday about 2000 people gave their lives to Christ. I even saw my supervisor on stage, which gave me incredible joy.

Moreso than the great weekend I had.

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