Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dear Diary (Oct 4 08)
7:05 PM

Dear Diary (Oct 4 08)

what up world??? i'ma just jump into it cuz i have a few topics to cover. i got bit in the face by a spider & the right side of my face has been swollen & in pain all weekend. God is good regardless...

i hung out with my father yesterday & played pool with him @ dave & busters. fyi, i suck @ pool. all the party games most black folks dominate in, i suck at. don't ask me to play pool, don't ask me to play spades & don't ask me to play Madden. cuz i will lose & you will be bored pretty quickly. growing up i always admired, feared & respected my father. i remember after working 10-12 hour shifts & dealing with...people who are ignorant to certain situations, he would come home & help me with my jump shot. or he would come home & play playstation with me. or just talk to me while he got his uniform ready for the next day. before rap, basketball was a passion of mine. and no matter how good i got, my dad would always whoop me. all he did was shoot 3s all day & kill me. so anyway, we're playing & i beat him in the 1st game. not only beat him, i destroyed him. i think we both were surprised. and the whole time he was in awe of how "good" i was. and his compliments meant a lot to me. being away from my family so long, i forgot how dope it was to just hang with them. and not only spend time, impress him in the process.

i then realized how important fathers are. we get pushed to the side for the most part. mothers day & fathers day are on completely different levels. i've had 3 & all i get is a couple of happy fathers day texts/phone calls & a candle from my church. but just how important are fathers?? how many black girl losts are there running around trying to find daddy in some other dude that either had an absent father as well or a dad that wasn't as involved as they liked?? crazy...and i thought about all my friends that had their dads around & the ones that didn't. HUGE difference in how they turned out. not to say no daddy=doom, but it definitely increases the chances of success. so im eternally grateful for my father, and glad God gave me the chance to be a daddy, to a little girl no less.

so i sent out a text about the economy this past week & instead of answering everybody's respective answers, i'ma tell you the backstory here.

since my new job has me directly involved with the housing market, i'm at times glued to cnbc to see what happens next. and with the whole bailout issue going on this week, i had something sitting in my spirit reeeeeeeal tough. and it kept saying "this isn't over yet, it's gonna get worse". i had peace about it, i didn't even pray on it to be honest, but the next day it got confirmed from someone else. as we can all tell, God has placed His judgment on this country. after establishing our nation "under God", we've backslidden & turned away. i take that back, we've shown Jesus the door & didn't think twice about it. and when Ike hit Texas (and a piece hit Ohio) i saw how unprepared we STILL are as a nation for a major catastrophe. even after 9/11 & katrina, we still don't get it. so the text i sent said:

Power (electricity) will soon become a precious commodity. These recent events are only tremors. Pay off your debts. The true crash of the economy is coming soon.

i got a lot of "who told you that" & "huh"...honestly if you pay attention, naturally something like this would be expected anyway seeing where we're going. but when you add the spiritual aspect, it makes it worse. it's crazy cuz i have friends in their late teens & early 20s that have tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and it's not from student loans!!! that's crazy!!! make sure your family are the only somebodies in your pocket, cuz when it all falls down who you gon call now?? hmmmmm???

OK, now onto something more positive...

-i finally saw Iron Man earlier today. people said it was the best superhero movie (til Batman dropped), i don't believe it. these superhero blockbusters are maaaaaaaaaaaad blah

-they're coming out with Punch Out for the Wii...MUST COP!!!

speaking of video games, this drops next week

soon as i get situated, this is the FIRST thing i'm copping. straight up...well, i take that back. i've always been a Live fan. Live 95 & 98 are 2 of my favorite bball games ever. but 2K9 has been the choice for a lotta cats the last few years. i bought 2K6 cuz #1 it was only $20 & to see if the hype was real. i think it's a little TOO real. if i want a 100% realistic game, i'll go outside & play. but then again, i don't wanna do like i did with Live 03 & just cross everybody over & drive the lane with Jason Kidd. that got boring real quick.

-spoke to the homie Ca$h the other day live from Afghanistan. he's good. keep him in prayer while he's over there. he's already taken over the open mic nights there & killed it, so add that to the list of countries that rock with the Effect...

i know i'ma forget something soon as i hit submit, but whatever. new music coming no time soon, relax & chill. cuz i'm sure you'll be tired of my email blasts fairly soon.