Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Christian Civil War
3:19 PM

The Christian Civil War

Ever heard the saying "my enemy is my inner me"?  As Christians we know that feeling all too well.  Everyday seems to be a struggle, not only living in a fallen world, but dealing with our own struggles, issues, insecurities, & shortcomings.

Today I had a conversation about deliverance & the end times.  I was led to a site where I read different testimonies about God taking people to Heaven & Hell & their experiences there (which were great reads BTW, go there pronto).  I almost X'd out of the site until I saw an article titled "Christian Civil War" that intrigued me.  Why??  Because I feel like the Church is divided.  We SHOULD have one universal thought process when it comes to Christ & His way.  BUT…our flesh loves to get involved & make things that much harder. (the article)

Immediately I began receiving examples from God that I'd seen & been involved with myself regarding this Civil War.  Times my friends & I were unsure about speaking in tongues, some simply dismissed it like "everybody shouldn't be speaking in tongues, it's not right".  Mary K Baxter, who wrote one of the 1st Christian books I've ever read, "A Divine Revelation of Hell", was dismissed by an ex of mine, just cuz some Google results found her to be "money hungry" & a "false prophet".  The sad part was, the sites that accused her were Christian based.  There have also been times when I've been at church myself, or watching TV and hearing certain people, just because of their background, I would dismiss them as a hypocrite.  "You can't be doing whatever to whoever & still praise God". 

Some Christians still do things that other Christians don't.  Is it right??  Why do we spend so much time fighting amongst ourselves instead of satan?  Why because of my own personal failures do you feel like I can't help you with your own?  If one person struggling with alcoholism gives good Godly advice to someone dealing with lust, why do we tend to blow them off just cuz he has his own demons??  Show me a complete Christian & I'll show you a liar.  If anybody was perfect physically, financially, spiritually & emotionally, then what would we need God for??  You'll be dealing with things as long as you live.  HOWEVER, look at two years ago compared to now.  I bet you your problems then aren't the same problems you have now.  Those two year old problems (for the most part, cuz I understand deliverance can take some time) are more than likely gone.  We can't fault anybody for how they receive enlightenment.  If it's an unorthodox way, that doesn't make it wrong.  Christianity should not fit in the box that we've unfortunately placed it in.  I myself have received wisdom from unlikely places & people.  As long as it applies to God at the end of the day, then praise Him. Hence the individuality that He's given each of us.

I know we've got to get it together, and SOON.  Everybody has a position in God's army, it's up to us to allow Him to tell us what and where that is.  And it's up to us to not sweat the small stuff that distracts us, get into position, and armor up for the war that's about to take place.  Pray y'all…
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