Thursday, May 15, 2008

25 Tasks in 24 Hours
4:36 PM

25 Tasks in 24 Hours

So I have less than 24 hours before Ignite Spokane holds it's monthly Inferno event.  Now lemme explain to those not in the know (for whatever reason).  Ignite Spokane ( is a non-profit organization founded by young Christians that desire to spread the Gospel of Jesus throughout the city of Spokane, the state of Washington & wherever else they get the chance to go.  They hold these monthly concerts called "Inferno" where local/independent Christian acts around the Northwest come through & do their thing.  Some rock (what up Shogun) , some hip-hop, whatever. 
I performed at the February Inferno & got a really good response. 

Considering it was my 1st show in over a year, needless to say I was rusty, but still good enough to connect with the audience.  Job well done if I do say so myself. (Barry Horowitz pat on the back, if you don't know who Barry Horowitz is, go watch some old WWF from the early 90s & holla @ me, ANYWAY…) 

So I'm performing at tomorrow's Inferno, I'm not nearly as nervous as I was in February.  I've got my 'fit laid out (kinda, still need some shoes), my song selection ready, BUT it still seems I've procrastinated (once again, Lord help me) & I'm stuck doing a million things on a Thursday evening.  Let me give you a rundown…

I'm performing 4 songs (3 ½ if you wanna get technical).  3 of those songs you've never heard before; "Can't Stop", "Heartbeat" & "Keep Going" (real creative titles, I know…SMH).  "Thank God He Saved My Life" is the only one everybody knows about.

-Can't Stop was just recorded on Friday & written a week prior.

-Heartbeat isn't even finished!!!!!

Yup, a song I'm performing tomorrow that isn't even done.  I don't even have a beat for the song!!!  I wrote a hook yesterday, I gotta come up with the beat tonight & I'll probably use a makeshift verse (prolly T.R.O.Y.).

As far as the other stuff, I only have 4-5 copies of Wake Up 2.5 ready to pass out.  I need to step my game up on this one, cuz I only brought 20 last time & ran out.  I'm pretty sure some kids stole some copies (how you gon steal some free CDs at a Christian event is beyond me) but it's cool.  K-Dub, another artist that was there had like 50 of his joints (I see you!!!).   So I gotta go get some blank CDs & spend the night multitasking; cutting up covers, burning CDs, stamping on the disc, AND recording "Heartbeat".  And I STILL have to get a haircut and stop by the mall (all white Air Max 90s, son I need those).

It's good though, this is how I work best, trust.  It's a crazy habit that I've formed over the years.  I would literally be wrapping up mixtapes the night of the show, a day when I should normally be relaxing & mentally preparing myself for a showcase, I'll be running around borrowing people's computers to burn CDs, only giving myself enough time to iron, shower & rush everybody out the door…LATE!!! (I miss those Lyrical Lounges)  I don't know if by nature that's the best option for me, but I've always seemed to make it work somehow, and tomorrow's show will be no different.

I'm very inspired by my trip to see Kanye's Glow in the Dark concert.  The way he commanded the stage for nearly 2 hours with a break or two surprised me.  My wife said sometimes I would be dancing and enjoying the moment, other times I would be standing, arms folded, seemingly studying & taking mental notes.  I honestly don't remember much of how I acted (music is my drug, I was sooooo hiiiiigh that night maaaaaan!!!) but I can see myself doing that.  You study someone that's at a position where you'd wanna be at, add your own flavor & philosophy & you can get there.

I plan on taping my last minute rush, just so you can see my perfect mess in motion.  Maybe, maybe not.  I haven't paid as much attention to EffecTV as I could have, but I'll get there.  Stay tuned to see whether I fall on my face or shine through (I've got my money on the latter).
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