Thursday, May 21, 2015

Do You Know What Today Is...?
7:57 AM

Do You Know What Today Is...?

Happy 2nd anniversary to Kairos. I'm not gonna get sappy. Just grateful for God & all the things He taught me while creating this album. Thank you to everyone who supported with your time, efforts, money, voice, everything. Thank you. If you haven't heard the album yet...

Later tonight I'll be on twitter sharing Kairos stories & facts. Please follow me @armondwakeup. Also, feel free to share your own Kairos stories. What the album did for you, what you think it meant. How you think it stands today.
Finally. To celebrate, here's a previously unreleased song. "This Is Kairos II (The Kairos Manifesto (Remix)". Produced by Doc. Clock Radio Speakers fans will recognize this. Peep the 2nd verse. Peep the ending. Peep the song. Thank you.