Monday, April 29, 2013

Hey Here's The Tracklisting For Kairos...
11:32 AM

Hey Here's The Tracklisting For Kairos...

Hey everybody,

Just wanted to shoot a quick heads up on the tracklisting for my album "Kairos".  You know how everybody looks forward to the tracklisting to set unrealistic expectations for something they have absolutely no clue about based off song titles, guests & producer names.  Anywho, here goes...and thanks as always for your support.

0. Amaiya's Exordium
1. Genesis Revelation (produced by Sandman)
2. This Is Kairos (produced by Doc)
3. Marathon featuring KamBINO *
4. Pour Effort (produced by Wit)
5. The Dreamer (produced by Doc)
6. Love Is featuring J. Carter
7. Frostbit featuring Sean C. Johnson & Barabara Fant *
8. Father's Day featuring Daniele (produced by Boonie Mayfield)
9. p90x featuring Yaves, Lavoisier, Dre Murray, JGivens, Flex, & Swoope (produced by Doc)
10. Dusty Rhodes featuring Raging Moses (produced by Wes Pendleton)
11. Walking Contradiction (produced by Doc)
12. Inside featuring Japhia Life (produced by DJ Natty T)
13. Barbershop Window featuring Priest & Smurf Village *
14. Change My Mind (produced by Doc)
15. Lost It All featuring Jae Mitch & BumpsINF (produced by Swade Beatz)
16. Makes No Sense (revisited) (produced by Pizzie)
17. Boomerang (produced by Pizzie)
18. Amy Winehouse featuring Flex **

* - indicates song will only be available on Director's Cut edition of Kairos
** - indicates song will only be available for those who preorder the Director's Cut edition of Kairos, song will not be available anywhere after May 21. 

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