Friday, March 29, 2013

*CONTEST* Create Your Own Ketchup 2.5, Win An Early Copy Of Kairos
10:04 AM

*CONTEST* Create Your Own Ketchup 2.5, Win An Early Copy Of Kairos

Boom. So check it out. As you may know, we recently liberated some selections from Ketchup, Too without a DJ doing disc jockey stuff over them. That also included a detailed list of every project each song from Ketchup, Too was featured on. So remember when I used to drop mixtapes every other week? Right, me neither. Lol. Here's where you come in.

If you listen to Clock Radio Speakers, you know that Doc & I are huge proprietors of the "1.5 album". An album may be missing certain tracks they released for promotional reasons prior to the album & couldn't clear them due to sample issues. Or there were a few songs that were terrible & didn't fit on the project.

Starting now til April 22nd, you have the chance to create your own Ketchup 2.5. Here are your instructions

1. Go to & download my entire discography
2. Create a mixtape with your favorite, most notable, songs of mine that you love. Or create a themed tape with songs about a certain subject, or that have a certain feel. Get creative.
3. Either send a tracklist, or if you wanna get really funky, create the mixtape by using the actual mp3s, upload it & send it to with the subject Ketchup 2.5
4. The best 2.5 receives a free digital copy of the Director's Cut version of Kairos, which includes tracks that will only be sold at Oh yeah, you'll receive your copy before the album's release date.

The only restriction is to keep it within 80 minutes. You can either make an EP or make a collection, totally up to you. Again, get creative. Now get to Ketchuping!!!