Monday, May 23, 2011

"Ketchup" Album Cover & Tracklist
9:14 AM

"Ketchup" Album Cover & Tracklist

Ketchup. The Best Of Armond from 2010-2011. May 28th. Buy it for someone who's unfamiliar w/ Armond, then point them to the bandcamp. If you're the one who's unfamiliar, nice to meet you. Enjoy.

1. Wanna Hear A Joke? (Intro)
2. Beautiful Ashes featuring J Carter
3. Rearview/Dashboard (produced by Doc
4. Never Going Back featuring Uriah
5. The Highest
6. Airplanes (Interlude)
7. Catch Up featuring Rich Tunes
8. Forgive Me
9. Blank Canvas
10. Wait It Out featuring Pizzie & J Carter
11. Chevy Impala Music (Interlude)


URIAH said...

Ahhhh!!!! Wait it out is my joint!!!