Thursday, March 17, 2011

*BREAKDOWN* Armond- All Of The Lights Freestyle
11:42 AM

*BREAKDOWN* Armond- All Of The Lights Freestyle

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I'm supposed to be taking a break. My life is way more important than these rappity raps.

Then Monday night happened.

I'm at my house, watching TV & my man Doc hits me on twitter like "the All Of The Lights remix has an open 16 at the should do that". My mind is like "break...break...break..." but the rapper in me is like "rappity...rappity...rappity...". So I figure since I had an hour before Monday Night RAW, I'd humor myself & see if I could write & record a verse in 60 minutes. Doc was also up to mix, so why not??

Light in the dark, illumination
Chasing that thing between her legs'll ruin your nation
Because we know behind every great fall of man, a woman was somewhere lingering...whether it be physically or mentally, they're normally apart of the equation. No shots...

The frequency's in the air, tune to the station
Metaphor for the Holy Spirit & submission to Christ

OD'd on the red pill, now you're in the matrix
Was losing my patience, using you as a muse
Knew that you was the truth
Skewing my view of the spaceships
The theme of this freestyle is perception. How you see things is how you position yourself to handle them. A "Muse" is something you reflect on in silence...I'm reflecting on God (knew that you was the truth), who was rearranging everything I thought I knew about life (skewing my view of the spaceships)

Tried to move & then "poof" lights low
But the Christ in my life is a light show
With the right glow, Without the ice, no
Write it down, take a picture for the slide show
I separated myself without an iso
The ball is in my corner dunno where it might go
She was like yes, I was like, no
Soon as I tried to move out of the will of God, I was out of wack (lights low). But in Him there is a reflection of Him that is in me...I made a decision to leave old things behind (separated myself without an iso) & I'm living on faith (the ball is in my corner, dunno where it might go)

I was sick of the chills
Trying to get a grip on the slickest of wheels
I tried to run away, but she's MMSing me pics in her heels
Once again, using women as an example of my humanity despite the God in me

I've lost my love, wish I could feel
No more fear of fear here's a list of my thrills
Wait, slow down, let me chill & be still
No need to brag on the illest of skills
No coughin or sneezin'
They walking & wheezing
We legions apart & one day you'll start to believe me...
This actually displays me fighting my pride (which is where I am right now personally). Referring to the distance as legions apart is a reference to Legion, the demon that Jesus encounters in Mark 5. Separating myself from the darkness. Wordplay