Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No Pride Before This Fall
8:14 AM

No Pride Before This Fall

(I know, that's mad corny right??)

People what up?!?! I won't be before you long, just wanted to check in & let you know

1. I aint dead
2. Life is grand
3. The wait is almost over

I've been Pookie'ing over here wanting to drop some gems out there but alas...God's teaching me about timing, so set your watches. I'm about to annoy you guys again, so enjoy this time away. Big big shouts to my support team & my fans (yall are like one in the same though). I miss yall.

I realize how much I like the fall season. It reminds me of American Beauty & the street the Burnham's lived on, how the roads were covered with beautiful red/yellow/brown leaves. I guess that'll mark when its time...


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