Saturday, April 19, 2008

Glow In The Dark Recap
6:06 PM

Glow In The Dark Recap

so me & the Mrs. decide to take a few days to get away from the mellow madness known as life in Spokane, & take a trip to Seattle. Kanye West began his Glow in the Dark tour there, so I figured why not?? I deserve it...

4 hours later, we're at the hotel. Yup it's true, Seattle is as gloomy as I thought it would be. I used to always think Seattle & NY was all gloomy & depressing (blame music videos) & this trip proved me right. Stereotypes are true y'all. ANYWAY...

view outside of the hotel, dope right??

i had to rep the greatest squad of my generation, SMH @ no love for Luc Longley

6:15 & we're off to the races...

the radio station asked us to take a pic for their website, obviously cuz we were the freshest couple out, really..we were

we got in around 6:45, this picture really doesn't do our seats justice, our view was perfect.

7:15, Lupe comes out, I honestly thought it was Kanye. maybe Ye was coming out to welcome the crowd or something. there's still a LOT of empty seats, I understand most concerts start late, but not in this case. so if you're going, make sure you get there ON TIME, cuz Lupe killed it.

he did the majority of (the good songs off) The Cool (Go Go Gadget Flow, a drum & bass version of The Coolest, Hip Hop Saved My Life,Paris Tokyo, Superstar, Fighters, Streets On Fire), & a few classics (Kick Push, Daydreaming, He Say She Say)...his set was just way too short, but he definitely used what little time he had.

Lupe & Nikki Jean

Lupe, Bishop G, Nikki Jean & Sarah Green doing Paris Tokyo

next up was NERD, Pharrell's rock band. they're in the same category as The Roots where i know they're dope, but i'm never in a rush to check out whenever they have new material. they did 7 songs, 3 new & 4 classics. 2 of the 3 new songs were dope, i'm not a fan of Everybody Nose. one of the new tracks they did was SERIOUS!!!!! the 4 classics they did were Rockstar, Lapdance, She Wants To Move & Brain. sorry,no Provider, Run to the Sun, Bobby James, Fly or Die, none'a'dat...oh well. they did aight, i think i was just mad cuz they didn't perform what i liked...oh well.

She Wants To Move

one thing i DID like...Pharrell was hype for the show, so he's cussing up a storm while they perform. he caught wind that some of the audience members were as young as 5, so he came back out & apologized. i thought that was real dope of him, it seemed genuine.


3rd was Rihanna. i know when i saw she was going to be on the tour, i was like "huh??", but i get what Ye was doing, cuz a nice portion of the audience were young girls with their families. young girls that obviously were there to see Rihanna & no one else. i dunno if the show would've sold out without her (no, seriously). anyway, her set seemed MAD short, i guess it was 30 minutes like NERD & Lupe, but it didn't seem that way. she did Umbrella, that one song with Sean Paul, some other song off her album, Unfaithful, Rehab (which is a DOPE record, i did something to it, no it's not a remix and yes i will be leaking it soon, stay tuned) & Don't Stop The Music, which is now known as the gay man's anthem. grown men went crazy when this song came on. i can admit the song is very infectious, but any self respecting grown man moving to this...i dunno. check me if you want to, but it's a little too exctasy pills & glow sticks for me.

i didn't take a whole lotta pictures of her set, plus the ones i did take didn't come out good.


so it's 10pm. apparently the Key Arena has an 11pm curfew. all shows, games, etc. have to be over by then. now you KNOW Kanye wasn't having that. they had us wait over an hour while they tested the stage, and prolly argued backstage about if Ye was going on or not. i'm sure after he threw a fit, they let him go on. at almost 11pm, the lights went out. i gotta say, Ye KILLED IT!!!!!!!!! for 90 minutes, he weaved through all 3 of his albums & managed to tell a story of him being stranded on an unknown planet & trying to find his way home. i'm not gonna go into details over his show, i'll just post these pics & videos & let you figure it out for yourselves...

Flashing Lights

Show Intro/Good Morning

Hey Mama

here's a video recap of the show, obviously i forgot a few songs...but whatever

all in all, this was the best show i've ever been to. i definitely recommend going (if you can still get tickets) day i'll be headlining a show, stay on the bandwagon now while there's still room!!!