Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Suck It Up!!!
9:44 PM

Suck It Up!!!

Father forgive me, Thy will be done but i gotta speak my peace...

never have i been into politics until the 2008 elections. my tv stays glued to msnbc (the only news channel that doesn't give me a headache) for any & errthang election related.

personally i like Obama. he does support abortion (which is a no-no, obviously) but his call to change is dead on. ain't you tired of old white men running the country?? it seems like the nation is too, but now y'all want an old white woman running it. i know it's a long shot to have a nigra in office, but hey why not??

i woke up excited to find Obama had won Iowa. i was just so sure this would be a coast to the finish by Hilary & her crew, but not so. i just think it's funny to see her camp backtrack & resort to childish measures to regain momentum.

the WORST part is when i saw Hilary cry the other day. talm'bout it's hard. YOU ARE TRYING TO RUN THE COUNTRY SON!!! what did you expect??? if we're having peace talks, i don't want the leader of my country to start crying cuz N. Korea's prez called her fat.

the women of New Hampshire came out in droves to support Hilary, she won the women vote against Obama 51-7%. their reasoning?? her crying was seen as "human". while this is all well & good, i don't need a bunch of soccer moms supporting someone cuz they cried. nevermind her stance on hot topics that concern our nation. nevermind her plans for the next 4 years. she should be put in the oval office because she CRIED...the hell??? let me stop before i start smashing on these keys. "I don't wanna sound mad I feel marvalous"- Jadakiss...

oh yeah, stop calling Clinton the 1st black's embarassing


Anonymous said...

When Hilary started to cry-i just KNEW her votes were going to go down..but the fact that more wowan are voting for her because she is "human" is CRAZY, and its upsetting. People are acting like they are content with Bill Clinton being our "first black president" its like WTF, we have a black man running who is not only BLACK, but a WONDERFUL canidate-who when someone says something bad about him he will say "yo momma." Im not even tryin to get everyone to vote for Barak-im tryin to get everyone to pay attention to whats going on, and vote for who they feel is gonna do the best at running our land. WHEW... well enough of my input! LOL y is this not in english?

Anonymous said...

ummm...i dont think my comment was posted? since this is NOT in English?!? u... well... ok