Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gospel In 2008
11:37 PM

Gospel In 2008

how do you guys feel the direction of gospel music is going in today's society??

do you feel there is too much compromise??

do you feel the message needs to be stronger??

some people think the genre is at an all time low, while others think it's in a great personally i'm torn so i'm asking you guys...



dawuanw said...

I feel gospel music is closest to where every other genre of music should be. Current enough to get the good parts of the genres commercial counterpart without compromising the essence of real music. Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, and Smokie Norful (despite how conceited he is) are testaments to the compromise you can make and still be proud of the music you make. People over analyze the wrong music. I wish people would do that more with Wayne raps and the next R. Kelly verse on a hit remix.