Saturday, December 8, 2007

Random Saturdays
3:35 PM

Random Saturdays

blessed beyond measure this morning. it's actually NOT cold out!!! sun shining & everything!!! december in washington??? nuts...ok my window had me fooled, so when i went out to my car in a hanes tee & some shorts, i'm mad at the scenery for lying to me.

i check my usual ramblings; blogs, myspace, etc., then boom...the greatest MC of our time is officially dropping this week

i know i wait, shut up. i swear if you like my music, it's impossible to deny Joey Senior. i'll make a Budden post when the cd drops, for now...enjoy

Joe Budden- 5th Gear (from Mood Muzik 3

THEN!!! then, i wake up to these beauties in my mailbox

and i've been catching hate all morning...

shout to DC...

myspace music page SHOULD be done TODAY!!!! i will definitely let y'all know...

in the mean time spread the word, feel free to comment, email me, whatever. talk to me, ill talk back