Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hip Hop Saved My Life
8:11 PM

Hip Hop Saved My Life

so Loopay Fiasco's CD leaked online yesterday. personally i haven't listened to it yet, i'm waiting until next week when i actually buy the cd (*gasp* people still do that) to have my 1st listen.

HOWEVER...this song has caused such an uproar i had to hear it. it's called "Hip Hop Saved My Life", he says he made it as a dedication to Houston MCs, but really, if you're an aspiring artist, it hits home.

especially when he says:

a mead notebook & a bic that clicks when pushed & a wack *** beat
that's a track that's weak that he got last week
cuz everybody in the stu was like "that's that heat"
a bass heavy melody & a sample from the 70s & a screwed up hook that went
"stack that cheese"
somethin somethin somethin
"stack that cheese"
mother sister cousin
"stack that cheese"
he couldn't think of nothin
"stack that cheese"
he turns down the beat, writer's block impedes
crying in the next room, a baby in need
of some pampers & some food & a place to sleep

it's like rappers usually have to create this image of wealth & toughness in order to appeal to the masses. and when that picture gets ruined, it's game over. it's suddenly the MCs fault & the fan acts like he's been cheated. i just don't get it...

hip hop is the most wishy washy culture i swear. it's almost depressing to see 8 million rappers trying to fit through 2 doors. and it's even worse to see the general public feed into it. i don't know, i guess i gotta get ready & wait on God to sneak me through the back...