Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dreaming Out Loud: The Sampler
10:28 PM

Dreaming Out Loud: The Sampler

Hey I have a project coming out in a few weeks!!! And if you were only a loyal reader of my blog, you'd NEVER know!! what I did was take snippets of every song ont he album to give you a taste. I also jumbled the order up; you have to listen to the project from top to bottom to understand what it means. I was having a conversation with somebody about how we as writers love to tell our story. Our deepest secrets are really unveiled through whatever medium we use to write, whether that be a blog, or music or whatever. And with Dreaming Out Loud, I really tell like 4-5 different stories that as you listen, you begin to peel the veil back & see more & more of what I really wanted to get across. Aight, I'm done being deep. Enjoy the music & as always, leave comments...thank ya!!!

PS- The availability of the project will be made known very soon. Start saving ya pennies, it'll be pre-order time VERY, days.

Armond- Dreaming Out Loud (SAMPLER)