Monday, December 1, 2008

Why Even Bother??
9:11 PM

Why Even Bother??

Got this from Kanye West's blog...

When I listened back to the New Zealand conference I was like whoa this is pretty harsh. Sometimes I speak with no filter. I did not mean to be so harsh on the subject of Christianity being that I was a well known Christian. When I was at my Mom's funeral a f***ing stranger came up to me and said, "I hope you've accepted Jesus as your saviour so you can see your Mother again!" My entire life, being an african american, Christianity was forced down my throat. Since I was a child, I would ask questions like, "so are little babies that can't speak yet going to hell also?" I one thousand percent believe in God, I believe in Karma, I believe in being a good person. I'm not trying to tell people what they should believe or not believe. To each is his own. I was in situations where someone constantly used Jesus to show me how baaaad a person I was or how not perfect or not Christ like I was. When I say I don't want to be Christ like I'm saying I'm fine with not being perfect. I'm fine with being a human being. I'm happy with just that.12.01.2008

Through everything else I just began to think & wonder...why DO you even serve God or believe in Him in the 1st place??????

I was just like him, church was a requirement for me as a kid, but no one ever explained Jesus to me. I had to learn on my own.

So my question to all of you is, why do you believe in Christ & why do you serve Him???

There is no right or wrong answer, I'm just curious...
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