Monday, July 23, 2007

Jesus Strikes Again
7:53 PM

Jesus Strikes Again

ok so by now you've heard about Remy Ma & the whole "i shot my best friend for $2,000" fiasco (if not, click here...but i passed this article a few minutes ago & thought it was VERY interesting

Interview with prominent mixtape cover designer "Miami Kaos" here to read the full interview

here's a snippet:

Is there anything that's too out of the world for you though?Being a Christian, I turn down any project where someone wants me to depict them as Jesus. Anything Biblical I'll refuse.

Erm... But what about that Remy Ma cover where you made her a she-Jesus? I recently backslid. I did exactly what she asked for. I gave no input save that it wasn't a good look, but she ignored my advice. This decision was made on behalf of my staff who were urging me to think more of business than my personal feelings, but none of that should ever come before God. I did something that wasn't totally Kingdom... And look at the fall-out!

You think all this is punishment for you making her Shesus?I prayed for forgiveness and won't be doing that again.

if you haven't seen the cover, here you go...warning, it's VERY blasphemous

she's been running around calling herself "Brooklyn's savior" & "She-sus Christ"

then not even 3 weeks later she's facing attempted murder charges...HMMMMMMMMMM

SOUNDS LIKE JESUS TO ME!!!! stop playing y'all


Dave said...

Good thing I didn't give her any beats for that project huh lol